Planning Your Dream Outdoor blue ridge Wedding


With breathtaking views and timeless beauty, the Blue Ridge Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for couples seeking an outdoor Blue Ridge wedding experience. Planning a celebration in this environment requires thoughtful consideration and attention to detail. But with proper planning, your dream wedding will be a memorable and unique celebration that sets the tone for your union.
The first step in planning your outdoor wedding is choosing the right venue. Consider how the style and ambiance of the venue aligns with your vision and personality. When you close your eyes and picture your wedding what does it look like? Your Blue Ridge wedding at Love Ridge, not only will you be surrounded by beautiful nature, you’ll be able to sink into your wedding experience, with lodging and event venues together on one campus. Our ceremony spot is flanked by an outcropping of ancient Blue Ridge greenstone and views of the Three Ridges Wilderness highlighting the beauty and essence of the mountains.
Whether your idea of a memorable weekend involves a picnic on the sandy shores of a lake, hiking through national forests, eating and browsing at the local farmers market, thrill-filled tubing down a mountain, trekking to a waterfall, or a relaxing and quiet night of dinner and soaking in a private tub, it’s all part of the Blue Ridge Mountains experience at our Virginia vacation rentals.
Two glasses filled with champagne with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains at our Blue Ridge cabin rentals


Timing is everything. Most weddings in the Blue Ridge take place from April-October and venues book up fast for those months. The Blue Ridge Mountains experience distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm. Be mindful of the weather patterns and select a date that suits your preferences. Check the sunset times when you are planning your itinerary. Love Ridge’s gathering lawn gets soft evening light around sunset that will make your ceremony even more magical. Construct a timeline to share with your planner.

Spring and summer bring lush greenery and a panoply of blooming wildflowers. If you are considering a wedding in the summer months, Love Ridge tends to be at least ten degrees cooler than nearby Charlottesville wedding venues. Fall is the most popular time to get married and also the busiest in the Blue Ridge with many wanting to experience the breathtaking foliage. Winter is quietest and brings open views that can make your décor really pop. Winter weddings at Love Ridge have the benefit of a reception indoors in our lodge with a roaring fire.  

One of the best aspects of staying in one of our cabins, tent sites, or glamping rooms is that you don’t have to travel to get out into nature – step outside, and trails lead throughout our property, showing off the Blue Ridge Mountains wilderness all around. We are proud to have an official Bird and Wildlife Trail on site, one of 65 statewide trails designated by the state of Virginia chosen for their unique wildlife and birding opportunities. Bring your binoculars and look for wood thrushes, several types of warbler species, intensely bright and hard-to-miss scarlet tanagers, and larger birds like hawks and falcons that hunt from high above. You’ll also likely wander across white-tailed deer, a common sight in our wooded backyard.

Embracing Natural Beauty: Let the Mountains Be Your Décor

Let the mountains be your décor and embrace natural beauty. With an outdoor wedding less is more. Opt for native flowers in your bouquet, use wooden accents in your décor, and consider an arch made from locally sourced materials. Minimalistic touches can complement, rather than compete with, the stunning backdrop.

And don’t forget the practical considerations. Ensure the comfort of your guests by providing essentials such as sunscreen, bug spray, and comfortable seating. Consider renting a tent in case of unexpected weather changes and always have a backup plan in case of rain. All of the vendors on Love Ridge’s preferred list have a clear understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by an outdoor mountain wedding. 

Love Ridge Weddings on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Celebrate Your Blue Ridge Wedding with Local Flavors and Mountain Vibes

Consider the vibe that you want for your Blue Ridge wedding reception and the kind of food you want to offer. In any case, you can celebrate the local culture by incorporating regional flavors into your menu. Central Virginia has a vibrant food culture perfect for a farm-to-table approach, featuring locally sourced ingredients and wines from nearby vineyards. Plan entertainment that complements the surroundings. Acoustic musicians, string quartets, or even a bluegrass band can enhance the mountain atmosphere. Provide cozy seating areas where guests can relax and take in the stunning views.  Hire a photographer and videographer experienced in shooting outdoor weddings. The Blue Ridge Mountains offer endless photo opportunities, from panoramic vistas to intimate forest clearings. Capture the essence of your special day against the backdrop of this natural masterpiece. Our favorite spot for photos is 20 minute cliff, about two miles from Love Ridge. An outdoor Blue Ridge wedding is a romantic and adventurous journey. Embrace the magic of nature and infuse some local charm and you will create memories that will last a lifetime. With careful planning and a touch of creativity, your dream wedding will be an unforgettable celebration of love and nature. Start your Saturday with a leisurely and scenic drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway, known as “America’s Favorite Drive,” and take in panoramic views at the Shenandoah Valley lookout on your way to Waynesboro. Every Saturday from May through October, the local community comes together from 9 am – 1 pm in downtown Waynesboro for the Farmers Market, held at Constitution Park under a pavilion (providing shade during the balmy summer months). Support nearby farms like Poplar Ridge and Grazelen, sip on local java from Farmhaus Coffee, and choose from loaves of bread, delicious jams, and other tasty treats to enjoy during your Love Ridge stay. After browsing through the market, walk down to the Greenway Trail, which has excellent views of the flowing waters of the South River through Constitution Park.

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