Visit These 10 Instagrammable LOVEworks Signs

“Virginia is for Lovers” has long been the state’s slogan, and the famous Love signs welcome visitors to historical spots and small towns at almost every turn. Created in 1969, the slogan has endured, becoming one of the most recognizable in the nation, and was even inducted into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame in 2009.

This phrase has inspired many art pieces, including the famous Virginia LOVEworks signs. There are over 300 signs across the state, but we want to share our top ten signs that are close to Love Ridge Mountain Lodging, and are sure to liven up any Instagram feed.

Love sign lit up with lights
LGTBQ Love sign with couple

LOVEwork in Waynesboro

This LOVEwork piece reflects Virginia’s first Urban Trout Fishery, which calls Waynesboro home. Designed and crafted by local Virginia artist Mark Cline, the L represents wading boots, the O is a reel, the V is two trout and the E is made out of oars. 

LOVEwork at Wildmandan Beercentric B&B

Along the Nelson 151 beer trail sits WildManDan, Virginia’s smallest production brewery. Offering a variety of revolving taps and beer classes, WildManDan also hosts this beer-centric LOVEwork art piece. 

LOVEwork at Cardinal Point Winery

Located at Cardinal Point Winery, this LOVEwork piece is made completely of wine barrels. After you snap your picture, make sure to stop into the winery and sample one of the wines made on-site. The winery allows for snacks to be brought in, so pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it!

LOVEwork at Veritas Vineyards

At nearly six-feet tall, this LOVEwork piece is made entirely of wine corks. Suspended above the Veritas Vineyards wine bar, giving the impression that it floats in mid-air. Snap your photo, grab a glass, and enjoy the sun-drenched patio as you take in the stunning vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

 LOVEwork at the Ski Barn at Wintergreen

If you’re making a visit during the ski-season (or any season!), make sure you stop by the Ski Barn at Wintergreen. This LOVEworks instillation is made out of repurposed outdoor equipment; skis and snowboards, helmets, and boots. Perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts.

People sitting on Love sign made with alcohol barrels
Metal Love sign

LOVEwork at JJ’s Meat Shak

An unforgettable dining experience, and another LOVEworks await you at JJ’s Meat Shak in Buena Vista, VA. This mural celebrates all things Rockbridge County: Buena Vista, the Blueridge Parkway, Virginia Military Institute, Washington & Lee University and Southern Virginia University.

LOVEwork at Montfair Resort Farm in Crozet

Located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this LOVEworks art piece is seven feet high, and is made entirely of twigs and branches woven around the frame. The Montfair Resort Farm is a 129-acre property that offers nature trails, biking, canoeing and fishing on the small on-property lake.

LOVEwork at Virginia Distillery Company

Developed by the Site Facilities Lead at VA Distillery Company, this LOVE sign embodies what the distillery does best; make whiskey. Designed to include the distillery’s split ‘V’ logo, the sign also includes materials that are a nod to the surrounding area, including pieces of wood from a whickey barrel that serve to form the “O”. 

LOVEwork at the Walton Hamner House

Created as an ode to the sitcom “The Waltons”, this LOVEwork features several painted scenes from the show and Waltons Mountain on the “L”. This art piece also includes a circular saw as the “O”, wooden ironing boards for the “V”. After you check out the sign, pop into the Walton Hamner House, the boyhood home of Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the popular 1970’s television series The Waltons and the house that served as a model for the show. 

LOVEwork at Natural Bridge State Park

Painted to depict the water that flows from Lace Falls down Cedar Creek under the Natural Bridge, which forms an arch over the creek, down to James River, this LOVEworks sits at Natural Bridge State Park. Take in the natural beauty of the lush forest and limestone gorge while you’re there.

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